The new reel of projects I've shot and directed. Read More


Last July, three friends, one father and I took a road trip. We biked from Banff, Alberta to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It took ten days of riding, one day of rest and covered just shy of 1000 miles (992 to be exact.) For most of the trip I had a ...Read More


Back in December I shot a few "event" videos. The first was a reward ceremony for two teens who apprehended a drunk driver who killed a motorcyclist. They were very nice guys who took action when the moment called for it. Metier Law and Law Tigers decided to reward them ...Read More


John Frum Day is great. It is celebrated on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. When I was there in February, 2010, I took a lot of pictures. There is a cargo cult that sort-of believes if they copy American military rituals (flag raising, marching) then eventually modern goods will be ...Read More


Two of my best friends are getting married. They had me take pictures to commemorate the occasion. They wore t-shirts from THE BIGGEST LOSER. They are awesome. Read More


I started a tumblr blog called It is where I post street photography (pictures I take with my iPhone). It features graffiti, animals, food and license plates. This blog will continue stronger than ever with writing, videos, and even pictures. Read More


Wes gets to know a former rival a little bit better. Read More


The Unreliables, my comedy group, has a new web series up on The first two episodes of a five part series are already up. The rest should be up by Halloween. Stay tuned because I just might play a major role in episodes four and five. Read More


I'm DP on a new short horror movie called "Deadbox." We wrap shooting tomorrow night. Read More


Back in February Chris Parkhurst of Barang Films brought me to Cambodia. I was lucky to spend weeks as his cinematographer, shooting a short documentary and even shorter commercial. Both videos below are for Bronze Lake Resort, a cultural heritage vacation spot in the middle of the country. The first video ...Read More


I spent 32 of the last 39 hours on a couple of trains in China. The first one wasn't this much fun. P.S. This post's title is a classless aping of an incredible documentary by the same name. I encourage you to watch it. Read More


I'm momentarily back to let you know there's a brand new gallery of photography up on the site. You can click the link in this post or follow the Photography link in the top right corner of the page. The future months promise many other additions including a new video series ...Read More